Power Flushing

The water circulating around your central heating system is contaminated with rust, sludge and debris from the pipes due to internal corrosion. This debris will cause circulatory problems with the water in your system causing a number of faults and in time will prevent your radiators from heating up and your boiler from working efficiently.

How we Power Flush

The engineer will connect our Kamco power flush machine and magnet filter to your central heating system. This can be done via a radiator or by removing the central heating pump.

Water then flows through the system, collecting all of the debris along the way, which collects on the magnet. After this, the chemical cleanser is added and pumped around until the water comes out clear.

Neutraliser is added to compensate for any cleanser which may remain in the pipes, and an Inhibitor is added as a final step to help prevent any future corrosion. The radiators are then balanced to ensure that the whole system is working efficiently.

Spot the Signs

If you are suffering from any of the following issues, having a Power Flush could be the answer.