Which one is right for you?

There are three types of gas boiler available:
  • Conventional Open Vented Boiler

    This type of boiler is typical of those used in many homes, especially if you are replacing an older model. This system will have a boiler, extended controls, hot water cylinder and a feed and expansion cistern. This boiler setup uses the principle of stored hot water.

  • System Boiler

    Similar to a Conventional Open Vented boiler, but there are some very important differences;
    1) the major individual components of the hot water and heating system are built in,
    2) the need for a separate feed and expansion cistern is removed as the hot water is pumped through the boiler to feed the hot water cylinder and radiators.

  • Combination Boilers

    Often referred to as ‘Combi’ boilers, this type of boiler is extremely popular in the UK, accounting for more than half of all new boiler installations. A combi boiler removes the need for a stored hot water, as the boiler alone heats all the hot water you need on demand. It is this benefit that makes it such a popular choice, as it removes the needs for separate hot water storage, thus making it extremely space saving. Another benefit is the saving made of the cost of hot water, as you are only paying for what you need and not the cost of heating stored water.

When we come out to quote to replace your boiler, we are happy to go over the best option for you; however, below is a guide to help you understand your options.

CONVENTIONAL / SYSTEMSProperty has 2 or more bathrooms
COMBINATION / SYSTEM / CONVENTIONALTo make a central heating and hot water system more energy efficient
CONVENTIONAL / SYSTEMSIf mains water pressure is poor
COMBINATIONSmall property i.e. 1 bed house, apartment or bungalow
COMBINATIONWhere a loft conversion is required
COMBINATIONInstant hot water is required